Benefits of meditation

Meditation is no doubt. immensely useful in the spiritual field but it does help in the daily life too. At first, meditation helps purification of mind, intellect and conscience which in turn, helps dissolving the perversions and flaws of human nature. Subsequently, negative tendencies of the mind viz, fear, depression, indifference, dejection etc. start dissipating and the self-confidence are augmented which helps in enduring the incidents in life. Personality starts to bloom and there is multidirectional development in life, Increase in the power of determination develops the power of taking decisions in the day-to-day work. Decrease of the negative tendencies in the mind leads to more cheerfulness. There is development of virtues in the students leading- to abstinence of vices. Due to the increase in concentration, ‘memory gets more and more developed and the students win laurels in examinations. Meditation helps students in the development of virtues like obedience, self-discipline etc. Meditation provides mental peace which relieves mental tension. Therefore, he is able to fight organic diseases and mental agonies easily. Rise in blood pressure is kept in check.

In a synopsis, quality of life is highly enhanced, there is richness in human values and life blooms like a flower in perpetuity.