Experiences of meditators

It is not necessary that all the sadhakas may have experiences during meditation but those who have had them should know their esoteric meanings. Factually speaking, everybody’s experiences are singular and uncommon so much so that any two sadhakas do not have common experiences. However, these experiences can be classified in three general classes-functional, perceptual and subtle internal experiences. Functional : rumbling sound in the abdomen during meditation is caused by the movement of air in that area. This is the activity of Prana-Apana there and takes place as desired by Sadguru, You cannot cany out such an activity by your own efforts. During the course of meditation some sadhakas make fore and back movements, few of them even fall down on the ground. This is Sahaja kriya yoga. Sadliakas should not even be touched. They will rise by themselves when they come out of meditation. If it is essential to raise them up, ‘Jai Guru Datta’

Jai Guru Datta’ should be spoken a few times loudly near their ears without touching them They come out of the meditative state in a few minutes. Some sadhakas hear musical sounds of clock, bell, conch, drum, and flute during meditative state. They should not be perturbed by this sound, this is Anahata Nada. In some cases upper half of the body of the sadhakas start rotating like grind mill-stone. This is known as Shaktichalini Mudra and is helpful in the progress of sadhana. Some sadhakas laugh and some cry daring meditative state. This is actually the influence of the vision like union or separation with the Islita being enjoyed during meditation. Some sadhakas start rotating their head during meditative state. It is not because they are under the control of some spirit. On the contrary, this is an emotional state. Feeling heaviness in the head, experiencing the movement as of ants in the head are some other functional activities which the sadhakas experience. Many sadhakas do pass through emotional states wherein either they start dancing or express sentiments through gestures; these have nothing to do with reality.

Perceptual Similar to functional experiences, some sadhakas have perceptual experiences. During meditative state some sadhakas perceive red, yellow, blue, white or smoky colors. These colors are actually connected with energy centers in the body. Many sadhakas have the vision of Gods, Goddesses or Gum These represent the images lying on the subconscious plane and are related to sadhana-upasana of past lives; it indicates the end of past desires and cleaning of the plane. Some sadhakas enjoy pilgrimage. Many sadhakas have the vision of skeleton or the fierce animals like lion, tiger etc. Sadhaka should not get frightened as these visions indicate the transience of this body. Often sadhakas have the vision of snakes. This does not indicate a sin committed in the past but this represents the rise of their Kundalini energy. Sometimes sadhakas may have vision of their dead body or of a near relative; it suggests an augmentation in the life span. Somebody may see a future accident; it means the end of that event by Sadguru’s grace.