Human being is to develop and awaken inner consciousness to attain eternal peace, happiness and enjoyment. To fulfill this objective, Lord Dattatreya came to this earth as an Avataar

Human being is not just a gross body constituting of five elements and his objective is not limited to the acquisition of momentary material prosperity. His objective, in fact, is to develop and awaken inner consciousness to attain eternal peace, happiness and enjoyment. To fulfill this objective, Lord Dattatreya came to this earth as an Avataar.

Sadguru Dattatreya provides this true knowledge to human being, develops and makes it steady in him and then frees him from the bondage of worldly life. In the state of this unbinding life, man is relieved of all sorts of failures, tensions, sufferings and anxieties, leads a cheerful life and in the end be realizes the Self



Who is not acquainted with the name of Lord Sadguru Dattatreya? According to Srimad Bhagawat Mahapurana He is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is coalesced with the glory of Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva and in this way He is identical to the Trinity of Lord Brahma (Creator), Lord Vishnu (Protector) and Lord Shiva (Destroyer) responsible for the working of the universe. You probably know that ideas of Trinity for the working of the universe have been accepted by religions like Christianity and Islam also. Lord Dattatreya is adorning the position of Sadguru and He is beyond the characteristics of Trinity Gods also since the knowledge of the Self can be realized only through the medium of Sadguru and probably that is the reason He has been given the name ‘Datta’. ‘Dadati Tattvam Bodham Gyariam Sa Eva Dattah’ i.e. Dana is one who provides the knowledge of the Self. Therefore, Lord Sadguru Dattatreya is worshipped and adored both in form and without form.


According to scriptures, Maharishi Atri and Sati Anasuya had the good fortune to be the parents of Sadguru Dattatreya, You may be eager to know as to how Sadguru Dattatreya chose this particular family for incarnation. As the name suggests, Maharishi Atri is beyond the three attributes of nature i.e. his gross body is constituted of pure, flawless nature embedded with pure consciousness. Natural defects i.e. desire, aversion, Avarice, delusion, anger, jealousy etc. are not present in the nature of Sati Anasuya i.e. she is beyond any type of natural defect. Besides, both of them are yogis and saints of high order Incarnation of Sadguru is possible in such a family only Sadguru gives tattwic knowledge, makes realization of the Self possible and therefore, question of folding up of this playful incarnation does not arise. Devotees experience His presence in gross body, subtle body or chinmaya body even today. About thirty years ago, Parama Poojya Maharishi Shri Punitachariji had the good fortune to perceive Him on a rock near the Ashram.
Ordinarily it has been observed that for the welfare of the humanity at large, for enabling the people to attain peace and happiness, for making them follow the path of righteousness instead of unrighteousness Sadguru either Himself takes up a body or Sadguru’s essence and shakti works in a saint, yogi or a great man and inspires him to provide guidance to human beings for their development. It is not at all necessary that these saints or great men may be in India only. They may be anywhere in the universe. It has been heard from great men that whosoever inspires and guides the humanity for its welfare in a selfless manner and without any malice keeps on deriving energy from Sadguru; omnipresent Sadguru Tattwa (essence) keeps on inspiring him. Therefore, it will not be out of place to say that the welfare of the humanity is done by Sadguru tattwa only But one thing is definite that the procedure of welfare is carried out through a physical medium that may be present anywhere in the universe. Media of Sadgurn tattwa have been personified as Gurus in the scriptures; although all these people prefer to call themselves ‘Guides’ rather than ‘Gurus’. You would have read about the great men of different countries in this world; they have sacrificed even their lives for the welfare of the humanity There have been many great men who have spent their entire lives for the benediction of the humanity. Presently, Param Poojya Maharishi Shri Punitachariji and Param Poojya Maiyashri Shailaja Devi are great people in this category. We fondly call them Poojya Bapushri and Poojya Maiyashri.