Shaktipat – Divine Energy Transfer

Shaktipat or the Divine Energy Transfer is carried out by the learned and extremely advanced saints for the benefit of their disciples. It is done in 3 different ways

Sparshatmak – by Physical contact. Guru touches the disciple generally on the forehead or the head and transfers energy by conduction

Drishtyatmak – by Sight. A capable Guru can transfer energy by looking at the disciple. This can be achieved if there is a clear line of sight and up to 10-20 feet.

Sankalpatmak – This is the most advanced form of Divine Energy Transfer and can only be done by saints in the class of Sadguru – Lord Dattatreya himself. Just by a mere thought or wish, the learned Guru can transfer energy to thousands of disciples at the same time. Distance is also not a barrier in this form of energy transfer. Examples of saints who had reached this stage include Baba Nityananda, Raman Maharshi and Sai Baba of Shirdi.

The Shaktipat cleanses the disciple’s body down to the minutest blood capillaries. The cleansing or the yogic movements in the body can create confusion in the disciple’s mind because he does not understand what is happening and why. Just as the drops of rain sprout both the grass and the weeds, such is the effect of this energy in cleansing the body. Both good and seemingly bad thoughts can surface. Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri near Mumbai, describes in his book the confusion in his mind and why he left his Guru’s ashram because of feeling unfit to live there. He was later guided by a passing saint who explained the intricacies of Shaktipat to him.

To benefit from Shaktipat, the disciple needs to completely surrender at the feet of the Guru and have complete faith and trust. The mind can play tricks and create doubts in people’s mind but one needs to stay firm in the belief and trust towards the Guru.

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