Spontaneous meditation

Human being has always been attempting to seek eternal peace, happiness and joy; he feels that these can be achieved through the collection and use of material objects. This is correct as he can get momentary enjoyments from the use of these illusory material objects and probably that is the reason why he keeps on accumulating and using these material objects. It will not be wrong to say that material life is like a mirage which keeps on beckoning man to go after. He does not know that real peace and happiness is not outside but inside him only.

As a matter of fact real peace and happiness does not have any form or any definite place where it can be found. This is achieved through the knowledge of the Self for which the causeless grace of Gum and God is required. Therefore, one must have a highly accomplished Siddha Guru. Such a Guru or a great person awakens Kundalini-dormant power of the inquisitive sadhaka through the phenomenon of Shaktipata; this is done keeping in mind the capabilities of the sadhaka. Continuance of sadhana takes the sadhaka to the next stage after the awakening of Kundalini and that is the purification of five vital airs and five sheaths and then piercing ness of the chakras takes place; this makes the mind and chitta steady and subsequently the sadhaka starts experiencing peace and happiness. Further continuance of sadhana takes the purification to final stage, desires are over by then and the sadhaka realizes the Self.

Speaking and writing the whole process is so simple and easy but carrying it out is very difficult. Sometimes completion of this process requires many lives of sadhana but if sadhaka is fortunate to have the causeless grace of some saint, he may realize the aim in this life itself, There is no prescribed technique to earn this grace. This depends merely on the saint; he may oblige anybody. Yes, but the seeker must keep on working bard to can the grace of the saint. Even for doing hard work, grace of Guru or guide is required. This is why it is said ‘Guru Kripa Hi Kevalam’ i.e. it is the grace of Guru which gets you everything.

Some people have complained that their minds wander while sitting in meditation. What can be done to make the mind concentrate? There are many techniques for solving this problem and you may choose the best suited to your nature. While sitting in meditation, you may put your mind to work. If you are an idolater and your Ishta is Lord Rama, Krishna, Shiva or any other you may engage your mind in changing you to the form of your lslita. This can be likened to the dress rehearsal on a dramatic stage of your conscience. You may consider yourself in the form of Ishta and thus keep yourself in the pleasing mood. In this way, mind will become busy in changing you to the form of Ishta and will not wander anywhere and after the form is ready it will keep looking for that form. In another technique you may consider yourself to be a beam of light and keep on looking at the light rays. The easiest technique is to keep a watch on the incoming and outgoing breath. If some sadhaka has reached the stage of listening to ‘Anahat Nada’ inside the body he may keep his mind busy in listening to that sound. 11.0 these techniques fail in making the mind busy sadhaka may pray to Sadguru saying :

Oh Sadguru! I have no idea what to do to concentrate my mind. Please help me in getting what is most beneficial for me.